Lizotte’s, Newcastle

My most recent three gigs have been a lot of fun!

Bar Petite saw me very nearly flashing my knickers to a table of onlookers as I left and the sudden gust of wind caught my dress, causing it to billow like a boat sail, and arousing childish chuckles from us all. Carrying a guitar, an amp, and managing to hold one’s dress down whilst maintaining grace and composure is not a skill I possess.

Fox Bar was a rather quiet affair (I do hope you’ll all make a little more effort next time). I was in the lovely courtyard, with my back to the kitchen, so I was able to glance over my shoulder and salivate on the window every now and then between songs. I had a little cheer squad of 3 lovely ladies right near me who were gearing up for a big night on Maitland town. Somehow, they managed to sing along to my songs, though they’d never heard them before. The champagne seemed to assist with this miraculous ability. I was quite flattered to also receive a number of soggy, wine-soaked drink coasters with an email address and the words “email me” in drunken scrawl. She was lovely and all, but I’m straight as an arrow. 🙂 Thanks for making for a fun night, girls!

Finally, a Wednesday night at Lizotte’s in Newcastle. Such a great venue, amazing food, and a chance to meet some fellow Novocastrian musicians, including the incredible talent of soul/blues man James Chatburn and beautiful bluesy Little Smoky. I felt privileged to play at such an iconic venue!

Here are some photos from Lizotte’s, courtesy of Steve Thomas. Thanks, Steve!

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